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Super MK2 #90049MK2

P+P Product Code 

Four point, fall arrest harness, with 3 bar slide and rectangular link, leg and chest connections. Includes an integral work positioning belt with large roller buckle and adjustable length shoulder straps with a 3 bar buckle. The chest strap on this harness is a full chest strap, providing an exceptionally secure configuration which increases the distribution of load when using the front "D" ring

Material Specification 
Polyester webbing featuring a water repellency coating & carbon steel, heat treated and zinc plated metal fittings

Attachment Points 
Rear fall arrest dorsal "D" ring, front sternum fall arrest "D" ring and side work positioning "D" rings

Size Sheet

  Small Large Extra Large
Chest 30'' to 46''   34'' to 52'' 36'' to 58''
Legs 28'' to 34''     30'' to 40''   28'' to 44''
Waist 36'' to 46''   36'' to 52'' 36'' to 58''

EN358:2018, EN361:2002

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