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Chunkie 1.75M Two Tails #90270/DYN/BB/20

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Two tails lanyard suitable for arresting potential falls. The lanyard incorporates a "tear-web" energy absorber. Steel screwed delta link on the energy absorber end. An aluminium 'Special'  kwiklok scaffold hook and a 20mm gate opening aluminium double action snap hook fitted at the end of each tail.

A swivel is fitted to the end of the energy absorber where each tail is sewn to help prevent each tail from getting tangled together.

A second clear shrink sleeve is shrunk on top of the black shrink sleeve to give the energy absorber added protection.

A black tubular webbing protection sleeve is fitted at the end of each tail for added rope protection.

A webbing sleeve complete with choking ring is fitted to each tail.

Material Specification
11mm kernmantle rope

Total Length


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