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P&P Safety - New Trident Harness Stitch Patterns

Posted by Default Admin and Nathan Pammenter Managing Director P&P Safety on 7 years ago

P&P Safety New Trident Harness Stitch Patterns:-   Over the past 4 months, P&P has worked very hard on improving the stitch patterns on the whole of our harness range to help both our production and inspection processes and to enable our customers to inspect our harnesses far easier in the ‘field’ once used. This improvement will help the pre-use inspection requirement that should be carried out every time our harness is to be used and on every routine recommended 6 monthly inspection. Great care has been taken to improve the visual aspect of these stitch patterns without compromising the excellent quality of our harnesses and we hope all our customers can see this as a great visual improvement as we move into 2018 – the planned change to all harnesses to this new stitch pattern will be November 2017. For more information, please call our sales on 00 44 121 359 4561 or e-mail